The World。My World

The World. The wonderful world with perfection, success, completion and happiness.

Staying in my world is comfortable and being alone with myself is enjoyable. Somehow, One day I opened Pandora's box and then an unknown light guided me to step out my wreath.

A little of light, but a lot of warm, warm to the light....

Before following the light, I'd ever had doubts, fulled of uncertainness in mind, but my heart was uncontrolled to lead me toward it and make me to keep going. Day after day, I relied on the light more and more. Every breath, every moment I desired for it. However, not only without covering but without protection, huge fear came beside me as well.

Suddenly, earthquake happened. It took away my light and trust. Darkness is instead of everything. In the end, I realized the light had its own world belong to. Now, like a simple puppy lost, it takes sometime, but I'm sure I'll find the way back my lovely world.